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  本文摘要:关于病毒营销 英文资料及适当翻译成viral marketing (病毒营销?

关于病毒营销 英文资料及适当翻译成viral marketing (病毒营销?)How to Catch on to Viral Marketing?2007年09月13日 星期四 09:08在英特网上,病毒营销所指的是造成网站或者用户传送营销信息给别的网站或者用户的任何营销技术,导致消息的能见度和效果有可能指数级的快速增长。一个顺利的病毒营 售的例子是Hotmail,微软公司旗下的一个公司,推展它的服务并把它的广告商的信息所附在每个电子邮件信息里。有些营销人员不太原意用病毒营销这个词。在 John Audette的风行邮件时事通信里,他让他的读者对该用什么样的名字给他们获取一个建议,还包括现在用的这个。

这些建议还包括:雪崩营销蜂鸣营销级联型营销 离心式营销等等FROM:http://www.cnpaf.net/Class/v/0510261227008249459.htm--------------------------------------How to Catch on to Viral MarketingViral marketing has quickly achieved recognition because of a handful of high-profile examples: Marketers demonstrated that on shoestring budgets they could motivate millions. They did so by leveraging customer-to-customer communication to increase sales, brand awareness, and market coverage. To date, however, marketers have had difficulty reproducing the success of a handful of viral campaigns, such as "The Blair Witch Project," HotMail, and the "Dancing Baby." Although most e-businesses are planning to launch, or have already attempted launching, viral marketing campaigns, there are two obstacles to integrating viral marketing with the overall sales and marketing mix: Viral marketing is perceived as an art rather than a science.Marketers have a hard time identifying triggers that motivate customers to pass along marketing messages to friends or colleagues. After comprehensive studies on the impact of viral marketing, we at IMT Strategies found that for most marketers the strategy is hazily defined but entails manipulating customer-to-customer interaction with marketing gimmickry in an attempt to achieve an exponentially growing user base. Many marketers also believe that if consumers do not respond to clever marketing tactics, then cash and prize offerings will provide enough incentive for consumers to spread the marketing message. Discipline and Loss of Control However, we also found that the cost of overnight market coverage is a near total loss of control over the company's marketing message and brand as eager consumers indiscriminately spam. Marketers perceive viral marketing as an art because it does not allow for a high level of control. Monetary incentives are viewed as necessary because they offer what seems to be the quickest and most understandable way for marketers to gain that control in the customer-to-customer communication chain. "Paid" viral marketing, however, can be a dangerous solution. Rather than introducing the desired control, monetary incentives lead only to predictable increases in market coverage and an equally predictable loss of control. All viral marketing initiatives share the goal of turning customers into a sales and marketing channel. Efforts to use the customer as a new channel also introduce a fundamental tradeoff between growing market coverage and maintaining control over the marketing message. Viral marketing initiatives differ, however, in the degree of discipline involved in strategic planning and in the triggers they use to motivate consumers to function as a sales- and lead-generation channel: Disciplined analysis and planning ensures that viral marketing is an iterative science rather than a haphazard creative art.Reliance on triggers that are developed through market research and advanced analytics, rather than reliance on cash incentives, ensures that customers function as advocates rather than as "delegated spammers." The Right Perspective The two most common mistakes viral marketers make are focusing on formalizing the message rather than the process and adopting a campaign-level, rather than an enterprise-level, perspective. A campaign-level perspective might focus on relatively unpredictable qualities, such as the public's perception of a service, product, or marketing message as "cool." But an enterprise-level perspective on viral marketing is informed by quantifiable and thus predictable aspects of the sales cycle. An enterprise-level viral marketing campaign relies on research data detailing frequently asked customer questions, complaints, and responses to follow-ups. It also identifies and helps develop high-advocacy customers, who can then be independently targeted with referral opportunities. Similarly, an enterprise perspective gathers and utilizes data about sources of referral. Triggers, Segmentation, and Hardwired Viral Capabilities The vast majority of marketers are planning to launch a viral marketing campaign in the next 12 months. To do so successfully, they must scientifically identify triggers that encourage customer-to-customer advocacy and segment existing customers who are receptive to viral marketing and understand the structure of incentive packages. Success, ultimately, is in the hands of the marketer, who must encourage customers to connect with each other with the intent of advocating products and services. Moreover, the online marketing environment must hardwire viral capabilities into its engine. Web sites must be equipped with tools that allow users who have just read an article or purchased a product to either post their opinions of the experience or forward related information to their network of friends and colleagues. Other tools that would build viral marketing capabilities into an online marketing engine include gift registries, gift certificates, community bulletin boards, community chat rooms, and Amazon.com-type affiliate marketing programs. Online self-service channels can also be equipped with resources such as product comparison tools to support the customer-as-sales-channel undertaking. It Must Be a Process As the volume of permission email and unsolicited email increases, viral marketing will become more important. This is because online buyers will, over time, expand their network and come to rely more on their peers to learn about and recommend new products or services. Viral marketing must therefore become less an episodic event and more a process and cycle. Managing customer-to-customer interactions requires setting in place and formalizing processes that guide customer advocates' communications. The benefit of viral marketing grows from the close alignment of customer communication and buying behavior. Tapping into this benefit requires understanding the new role of the customer as a sales channel and focusing on the marketing process more than the marketing message. As tools for tracking and analyzing online customer response and behavior grow increasingly sophisticated, marketers will realize higher levels of control over the customer sales channel. And more marketing and PR agencies will develop an expertise in enabling viral marketing strategies over the next 6-12 months. In constructing an online marketing strategy, sales and marketing executives must consider viral marketing an integral element of their overall strategy.WRITER:http://www.clickz.com/showPage.html?page=837321Stephen Diorio Stephen Diorio is President of IMT Strategies, which he founded in 1998. He is an established authority in sales and marketing strategy with specific expertise in hybrid selling systems, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-business strategy development. He has developed high-growth, low-cost channel strategies for leading marketers including IBM, American Express, GE, and Eastman Chemical and has published "CRM 2000: A Demand Side Perspective on Relationship Marketing." Prior to forming IMT Strategies, Steve was a partner at Oxford Associates, a leading "go to market" and e-commerce strategy firm. Steve has held marketing management positions at Citicorp Direct Marketing and GE Sales and Marketing. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and an engineering degree from Bucknell University.---------------------------------------Viral Marketing Campaigns Drive Targeted TrafficViral marketing is a great way to use the power and nature of the Internet to reach a large number of people quickly and drive a continually growing flood of targeted web traffic to your website. With a successful viral marketing campaign, your website traffic could go from almost nothing to thousands of hits or even hundreds of thousands of hits per day almost overnight.Viral marketing is a term used for marketing campaigns that grow and spread like a human or computer virus. In a successful viral campaign, people pass the marketing material on socially so that the marketing campaign grows like a snowball rolling down hill.The basic idea of viral marketing is that you can increase your sales by increasing your targeted website traffic and you can increase your targeted web traffic by giving away or spreading something for free that people will pass on to their friends, family, or business associates like a virus.Viral campaigns may spread through emails or eBooks that people pass on or through articles or viral videos that people pass on.Microsoft's Hotmail service was probably one of the biggest early successes of viral marketing. Free web-based email is common today, but it was a new concept in 1996 when Microsoft first promoted Hotmail by adding a short advertising teaser at the end of its users' email messages. Who would have ever expected how big the results of this marketing campaign could be?But as huge as the success of Microsoft's viral marketing campaign was for Hotmail, it only set the stage for what was to come during the 2004 American presidential campaign. Who can forget JibJab's flash animation political parody of George Bush and John Kerry singing, "This Land Is Your Land?"By marrying the concept of flash video on the Web to viral marketing, JibJab took the Internet by storm. According to Internet statistician ComScore Media Metrix, the viral video received over 10.4 million unique hits in July 2004 - more than three times as many visitors as the official campaign websites of the two presidential candidates!Now you may never experience the phenomenal success that JibJab did with one of your viral marketing campaigns, but the concept is simple and easily implemented. It works on the idea that if people like something or can profit from something, they will pass it on to their friends, family, and associates.Viral marketing can be as simple as writing an article and having it published in article directories where newsletter publishers and webmasters may pick it up and republish it. Be sure to include an author bio or resource box at the bottom of every article that includes your name, your website link, and a call to action that entices people to click on your link. Webmasters and publishers are always looking for great content, so be sure to provide value.Alternatively, you could send a funny, informative, or controversial newsletter to your subscriber list. Be sure to encourage people to pass your newsletter on with a short note at the bottom of your newsletter.When people click through to your website, you would like to capture their email address and get their permission to contact them. Otherwise, they will often surf away, never to be seen again on your website.Squeeze pages (pages primarily designed to get subscribers) are one proven way to do this, and offering people a free eBook or free report is a great way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.Want to kick your viral marketing campaign into even higher gear? Grant people the rights to give away the free eBook or report to their own customers or contacts. Be sure to brand the eBook or report with links to your website, so that anyone who receives it from others will find their way back to your website. Also, if you let your customers rebrand some of the links with their affiliate links or other links, they will really be motivated to pass the eBook or report on!The Internet is perfect for viral marketing. This is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can use on the Internet. Because many distribution channels are free (e.g., email and article directories) or relatively low cost (web hosting), viral marketing can be an incredibly cost-effective marketing technique. Once you have launched your marketing campaign, it can potentially grow and spread for years all by itself, making viral marketing possibly the most effective Internet marketing technique of all. 就这么多了期望能帮到你英语,viruses是很多病毒的意思?对,virus是以-s咝擦音结尾的,所以特-es。病毒(英语:virus,中文旧称“滤过性病毒”)是由一个核酸分子(DNA或RNA)与蛋白质包含的非细胞形态,靠宿主生活的介于生命体及非生命体之间的有机物种,它既不是生物亦不是非生物,目前不把它归入五界(原核生物、原生生物、真菌、植物和动物)之中。它是由一个保护性外壳包覆的一段DNA或者RNA,借由病毒感染的机制,这些非常简单的有机体可以利用宿主的细胞系统展开自我复制,但无法独立国家生长和拷贝。病毒可以病毒感染完全所有具备细胞结构的生命体。



由于病毒是一类非细胞生物体,故单个病毒个体无法称为"单细胞",这样就产生了病毒粒或病毒体(virion)。病毒粒有时也称之为病毒颗粒或病毒粒子(virus particle),专指成熟期的、结构原始的和有感染性的单个病毒。核酸坐落于它的中心,称作核心(core)或基因组(genome),蛋白质围困在核心周围,构成了衣壳(capsid).衣壳是病毒粒的主要支架结构和抗原成分,有维护核酸等起到。




有病毒”用英语怎么说有病毒[词典] Thereisavirus; have avirus[例句]1、Thereisavirusonmycomputer.我的电脑上有病毒。2、I'mafraidthatyourcomputerhasavirus.我难道你的电脑有病毒。

欲这篇关于埃博拉病毒的英语作文(高二)The Ebola virus, which has killed more than 670 people in West Africa, is a "threat" to the UK, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has told the BBC.英国外交部长菲利普·哈蒙德透漏,埃博拉病毒对英国是一种“威胁”。据报该病毒在西非已造成670多人丧生A woman is being treated for 'Ebola-like' symptoms at the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Hong Kong after recently returning from a strip to Africa.一名最近从非洲返港的女子由于经常出现“埃博拉疑为”病症在香港伊丽莎白医院拒绝接受化疗。The woman has been given the all-clear after testing negative for Ebola, according to South China Morning Post.据《南华早报》报导,该女子埃博拉病毒检查结果为阴性,已回避病毒感染有可能。The 39-year-old woman was kept in isolation while undergoing tests, but a hospital source said she did not have the virus and was in a stable condition.该名39岁女子在检查期间仍然拒绝接受隔绝化疗,但有医院知情人士称之为,她未病毒感染埃博拉病毒,情况平稳。

Ebola virus first emerged in 1976 in outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Zaire and Sudan. The strain of Ebola that broke out in Zaire has one of the highest case fatalityrates of any human virus, roughly 90%.埃博拉病毒最先于1976年在扎伊尔和苏丹地区愈演愈烈埃博拉出血热时被找到。扎伊尔型埃博拉病毒的致死率高达90%,是致死率最低的几种人类病毒之一。Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea, fever, weakness, headache and sore throat.病毒感染病毒后不会经常出现腹泻、呕吐、感冒、疲惫、头痛和喉咙痛等症状。

Those struck down can also suffer internal and external bleeding. The virus is spread through human contact. There is no cure.病患还有可能经常出现体内发炎和体外发炎。病毒通过人体接触传染,尚不有效地化疗方法。

少见的病毒有哪些,答案中文+英文进程名称 → 对应的病毒/木马   .exe → BF Evolution           Mbbmanager.exe → 聪慧基因   _.exe → Tryit              Mdm.exe → Doly 1.6-1.7   Aboutagirl.exe → 初恋情人        Microsoft.exe → 传奇密码使者   Absr.exe → Backdoor.Autoupder      Mmc.exe → 尼姆达病毒   Aplica32.exe → 将死者病毒        Mprdll.exe → Bla   Avconsol.exe → 将死者病毒        Msabel32.exe → Cain and Abel   Avp.exe → 将死者病毒          Msblast.exe → 冲击波病毒   Avp32.exe → 将死者病毒         Mschv.exe → Control   Avpcc.exe → 将死者病毒         Msgsrv36.exe → Coma   Avpm.exe → 将死者病毒          Msgsvc.exe → 火凤凰   Avserve.exe → 震荡波病毒        Msgsvr16.exe → Acid Shiver   Bbeagle.exe → 凶鹰蠕虫病毒       Msie5.exe → Canasson   Brainspy.exe → BrainSpy vBeta      Msstart.exe → Backdoor.livup   Cfiadmin.exe → 将死者病毒        Mstesk.exe → Doly 1.1-1.5   Cfiaudit.exe → 将死者病毒        Netip.exe → Spirit 2000 Beta   Cfinet32.exe → 将死者病毒        Netspy.exe → 网络精灵   Checkdll.exe → 网络公牛         Notpa.exe → Backdoor   Cmctl32.exe → Back Construction     Odbc.exe → Telecommando   Command.exe → AOL Trojan        Pcfwallicon.exe → 将死者病毒   Diagcfg.exe → 广外女生         Pcx.exe → Xplorer   Dkbdll.exe → Der Spaeher        Pw32.exe → 将死者病毒   Dllclient.exe → Bobo          Recycle - Bin.exe → s**tHeap   Dvldr32.exe → 口令病毒         Regscan.exe → 波特后门变种   Esafe.exe → 将死者病毒         Tftp.exe → 尼姆达病毒   Expiorer.exe → Acid Battery       Thing.exe → Thing   Feweb.exe → 将死者病毒         User.exe → Schwindler   Flcss.exe → Funlove病毒         Vp32.exe → 将死者病毒   Frw.exe → 将死者病毒          Vpcc.exe → 将死者病毒   Icload95.exe → 将死者病毒        Vpm.exe → 将死者病毒   Icloadnt.exe → 将死者病毒        Vsecomr.exe → 将死者病毒   Icmon.exe → 将死者病毒         Server.exe → Revenger, WinCrash, YAT   Icsupp95.exe → 将死者病毒        Service.exe → Trinoo   Iexplore.exe → 凶邮差病毒        Setup.exe → 密码病毒或Xanadu   Rpcsrv.exe → 凶邮差病毒         Sockets.exe → Vampire   Rundll.exe → SCKISS爱情森林       Something.exe → BladeRunner   Rundll32.exe→ 狩猎者病毒        Spfw.exe → 瑞波变种PX   Runouce.exe → 中国黑客病毒       Svchost.exe (线程105) → 蓝色代码   Scanrew.exe → 传奇终结者        Sysedit32.exe → SCKISS爱情森林   Scvhost.exe → 安哥病毒         Sy***plor.exe → wCrat   Server 1. 2.exe → Spirit 2000 1.2fixed Sy***plr.exe → 冰河   Intel.exe → 传奇放纵          Syshelp.exe → 凶邮差病毒   Internet.exe → 传奇幽灵         Sysprot.exe → Satans Back Door   Internet.exe → 网络神偷         Sysrunt.exe → Ripper   Kernel16.exe → Transmission Scount   System.exe → s**tHeap   Kernel32.exe → 坏透了或冰河       System32.exe → DeepThroat 1.0   Kiss.exe → 传奇天使           Systray.exe → DeepThroat 2.0-3.1   Krn132.exe → 求职信病毒         Syswindow.exe → Trojan Cow   Libupdate.exe → BioNet         Task_Bar.exe → WebEx   Load.exe → 尼姆达病毒          Taskbar → 密码病毒 Frethem   Lockdown2000.exe → 将死者病毒      Taskmon.exe → 诺维格蠕虫病毒   Taskmon32 → 传奇黑眼睛         Tds2-98.exe → 将死者病毒   Tds2-Nt.exe → 将死者病毒        Temp $01.exe → Snid   Tempinetb00st.exe → The Unexplained   Tempserver.exe → Delta Source   Vshwin32.exe → 将死者病毒        Vsstart.exe → 将死者病毒   Vw32.exe → 将死者病毒          Windown.exe → Spirit 2000 1.2   Windows.exe → 黑洞2000         Winfunctions.exe → Dark Shadow   Wingate.exe → 凶邮差病毒        Wink????.exe → 求职信病毒   Winl0g0n.exe → 笑哈哈病毒        Winmgm32.exe → 巨无霸病毒   Winmsg32.exe → Xtcp           Winprot.exe → Chupachbra   Winprotecte.exe → Stealth        Winrpc.exe → 凶邮差病毒   Winrpcsrv.exe → 凶邮差病毒       Winserv.exe → Softwarst   Wubsys.exe → 传奇猎手          Winupdate.exe → Sckiss爱情森林   Winver.exe → Sckiss爱情森林       Winvnc.exe → 凶邮差病毒   Winzip.exe → ShadowPhyre        Wqk.exe → 求职信病毒   Wscan.exe → AttackFTP          Xx.Tmp.exe → 尼姆达病毒   Zcn32.exe → Ambush           Zonealarm.exe → 将死者病病毒文件一般来说以什么英文字母结尾?http://bbs.winzheng.com/viewthread.php?tid=1083945 病毒命名惯例 http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/vnameinfo.html 当你搜寻病毒的名字时,你应当对病毒的命名惯例有所理解。病毒的名字还包括后缀、 病毒名和后缀。·后缀回应该病毒发作的操作者平台或者病毒的类型,而DOS下的病毒一般是没后缀的; ·病毒取名为该病毒的名称及其家族; ·后缀一般可以不要的,只是以此区别在该病毒家族中各病毒的有所不同,可以为字母, 或者为数字以解释此病毒的大小。

病毒名字形如后缀.病毒名.后缀. 例如:WM.Cap.A, A回应在Cap病毒家族中的一个 变种,WM回应该病毒是一个Word宏病毒。下面就介绍一下各种后缀及后缀的含义。== 后缀 == A2KM: 在Access2000下制作已完成并传播发作的Access的宏病毒。

A97M: 在Access97下制作已完成并传播发作的Access的宏病毒。AM: 在Access95下制作已完成并传播发作的Access的宏病毒。AOL: 美国在线(AOL)环境下类似的木马,其目的一般来说位盗取AOL的密码等信息。

BAT: 批处理文件病毒。DDos: 分布式拒绝服务(Distributed Denial of Service)病毒。分布式拒绝服务 是利用被掌控的电脑对一个Internet网站展开展开反击。

DoS: 拒绝服务(Denial of Service)病毒。不要跟DOS病毒误解了,DOS病毒是没有 有后缀的。HLLC: 高级语言同伴(High Level Language Companion)病毒,他们一般来说是DOS病 毒,通过新建一个可选的文件(同伴文件)来传播。

HLLO: 高级语言重写(High Level Language Overwriting)病毒,一般来说是DOS病毒, 以病毒代码重写主文件。HLLP: 高级语言宿主(High Level Language Parasitic)病毒,这些一般来说也是DOS 病毒,宿主在主文件中。HLLW: 用高级语言编译器的蠕虫。(留意:这个修饰语一般来说不是后缀,只有在DOS高级 语言蠕虫里它才是后缀。

如果一个蠕虫是Win32文件,命名将不会是W32.HLLW。HTML: 以HTML文件为目标的病毒。UNIX: 在任何基于UNIX的操作系统下运营的病毒。VBS: 用Visual Basic Script程序语言撰写的病毒。

W2KM: Word2000宏病毒,这些是在Word2000下制作已完成,并只在Word2000或以上版 本的Word传播发作。W32: 32位Windows病毒,病毒感染所有的32位Windows平台。W95: 顾名思义,这类是Windows95病毒,运营在Windows95操作系统下,一般来说也可以 运营在Windows98下。

W97M: Word97宏病毒,这些是在Word97下制作已完成,并只在Word97或以上版本的 Word传播发作。W98: Windows98病毒,病毒感染Windows98操作系统的文件,只在Windows98下发作。

Win: Windows3.x病毒,病毒感染Windows3.x操作系统的文件。WM: Word宏病毒,可以在Word6.0和Word95(Word7.0)下传播发作,也可以在Word97 (Word8.0)或以上的Word下传播发作,但该病毒不是在Word97制作已完成的。

WNT: 某种程度是32位Windows病毒,但只病毒感染Windows NT操作系统。X2KM: 在Excel2000下制作已完成的Excel宏病毒。



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